論文「地域とチームの成長のためのチームアイデンティフィ ケーション ―川崎フロンターレのツイッター分析―」

タイトル「地域とチームの成長のためのチームアイデンティフィケーション ―川崎フロンターレのツイッター分析―」

明海大学経済学論集 Vol. 34  No. 1  (2021年11月)pp. 1~17

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Professional sports are one of the promising industries as “watching” sports. This study took Kawasaki FRONTALE as an example of producing positive effects by increasing team identification of the local people. FRONTALE is the No. 1 team in the J-League’s regional contribution score for the 10th consecutive year since 2010. As a community-based team, FRONTALE emphasized not only a victory but also activities for the community. The author collected tweet data for the first week after the Olympics games in 2021, to find out what the value of a community-based sport team is. Since football fans were looking forward to the reopening of the J1 League, the data showed the behavior and emotions of the fans supporting their favorite team. The analysis revealed that fans of FRONTALE are making statements that have a positive impact both on the team and the community as a result of Team Identification.